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Check the availability and fees of barristers in numerous chambers in one go. is a revolutionary new business tool for solicitors and barristers chambers.

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  • allows solicitors to check the availability of barristers in numerous chambers at once by completing one quick and simple online form, which takes less than 2 minutes to fill in. When using Barristerlink, solicitors now have access to a combined total of 1589 barristers across 35 sets of chambers nationally.

    Four local authorities have recently registered and are actively using the service.

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    For barristers chambers it allows them to target particular legal practice areas in which they have expertise and new areas of law that they wish to develop. 

    The site is ideal for finding a barrister to cover all sorts of situations, for example; 

    Find a barrister for a 5 day employment tribunal listed in one months time 

    Check which QC's are available to lead in criminal, family or civil cases 

    Find a barrister that may be available for a Saturday or Monday morning for an urgent case that may have cropped up over a weekend 

    Find a barrister for an urgent case on the same day 

    If you are looking for any of the following, Barristerlink can help 

    • Personal Injury law barrister 

    • Family law barrister 

    • Criminal law barrister 

    • Commercial law barrister 

    • Planning law barrister 

    • Employment law barrister

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